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  • BALANCEPOINT 21 gram moevable Point Steel Tip Darts - MODEL SABER

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    BALANCEPOINT 21 gram Model SABER


    Fitted with Balancepoint ACE Points

    • Barrels - 90% Tungsten Barrels with Tight Ringed Grip
    • Length 1 25/32 inch (45.5 mm), Diameter 17/64 inch (7 mm)
    • Fitted with hard wearing aluminum shafts, standard 100 micron flights, and dart case
    • Also includes 100 micron slim flights, nylon shafts, O'rings, and installation wrench
    • Compare To: Target Darts at $120, Black Widows $150+, Hammerheads $90+

      These Balancepoint SABER darts are probably the best balanced dart that we have ever thrown. Are these darts worth $80? If you win more games they are! These darts are manufactured from 90% Tungsten and they have a heavy front loading. The weight at the front of the darts will pull the dart towards the board making them easier to throw.
      The barrels are machined from premium grade 90% Tungsten material, with a higher standard of machining and engineering than is standard practice in the dart industry.

    Designed and manufactured by the same craftsman who invented the Vector Dart (TM) these darts are probably the best balanced dart that we have ever thrown. When a Tungsten dart is manufactured about 2 grams of Tungsten Alloy are lost from the front of the dart. To manufacture a front loaded dart this is balanced by a smaller weight loss at the back. However most professional players prefer a front loaded dart because they are easier to throw. These BalancePoint darts overcome the weight loss problem. There is a patent pending on this design. This means superb balance and deadly accuracy when you throw them. The balance of the dart to the front which in turn makes them more stable as they fly towards the board. If you are serious about owning the best balanced darts in the world you must buy these darts. The grip gives enough positive finger feel for you to confidently grip the darts and prevent them from slipping on release.

    The BalancePoint ACE Advanced Core Energy Moveable Point System is the best replacement moveable point that we have ever seen and thrown. It will fit any 2BA threaded dart both steel and soft tip.

    Why are these points so impressive?

    • Free-Floating Frictionless Movement
    • There are no internal collars or tabs to wear out or interfere with the movement of the point
    • There is no locking taper which will hold the point and prevent free movement
    • The system is self setting
    • The free flowing kinetic forward movement will spin the point of the dart around the wire
    • Piston action drives the dart deeper into the board
    • No recoil of the dart once it hits the board. All forward movement of the dart is concentrated on driving the point into the board and breaking the tension between a collar or a taper.
    • No rattles or other unsettling movements in the point
    • Free movement of the dart around the point once the dart is embedded in the board
    • The point is heat treated and coated for longer life
    • The mechanism is fully housed within the body of the darts
    • The stubby thread on the assembly will fit all 2BA threaded darts
    • Precision manufacture means that there is a perfect fit between the collar and the point in the front position.
    • No tools are required for fitting the points
    • Patent Pending

    A Moveable Point for the 21st Century.

    These points are a great improvement over all other moveable point systems. Try them today and see why we believe that they are better than HammerHead®, PowerPoints®, and all other mechanisms. If you are looking for the best darts that money can buy, then you have found those darts.