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ACE Replacement "Tiger" Moveable Points and Collars - Upgrade for Hammerhead or PowerPoint Darts

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ACE "Tiger" Replacement Moveable Points and Collars

Upgrade for Hammerhead or PowerPoint Darts

These TIGER points are designed for additional Board Grabbing Performance which will further reduce bounce-outs as the points hold the sisal fiber of the dartboard. The BalancePoint ACE Advanced Core Energy Moveable Point System is the best replacement moveable point that we have ever seen and thrown. It will fit any 2BA threaded dart both steel and soft tip.

Why are these points so impressive?

  • Free-Floating Frictionless Movement
  • There are no internal collars or tabs to wear out or interfere with the movement of the point
  • There is no locking taper which will hold the point and prevent free movement
  • The system is self setting
  • The free flowing kinetic forward movement will spin the point of the dart around the wire
  • Piston action drives the dart deeper into the board
  • No recoil of the dart once it hits the board. All forward movement of the dart is concentrated on driving the point into the board and breaking the tension between a collar or a taper.
  • No rattles or other unsettling movements in the point
  • Free movement of the dart around the point once the dart is embedded in the board
  • The point is heat treated and coated for longer life
  • The mechanism is fully housed within the body of the darts
  • The stubby thread on the assembly will fit all 2BA threaded darts
  • Precision manufacture means that there is a perfect fit between the collar and the point in the front position.
  • No tools are required for fitting the points
  • Patent Pending

A Moveable Point for the 21st Century.

These points are a great improvement over all other moveable point systems. Try them today and see why we believe that they are better than HammerHead®, PowerPoints®, and all other mechanisms. If you are looking for the best darts that money can buy, then you have found those darts.