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2 Sets Aluminum Center Spin Shafts - 2BA, SILVER SHORT - Improved Spinning Shafts

$9.00 $6.99

2 Sets (6 Shafts) Center Spin Aluminum Dart Shafts - Short


These Center Spin long lasting alumium shafts will fit all 2BA darts. They are an improvement on other spinning systems such as Top Spin and Cyclone shafts. The rear 1/3 of the shaft rotates smoothly if the dart is hit by an incoming dart or if they hit a dart that is already on the board. This system ensures that the shaft is always ready for use and prevents the problem of the tops falling to the floor.

This is the smaller thread (2BA, 3/16th inch) which is found on 90% of all darts. These Center Spin aluminum shafts help to deflect incoming darts away from darts that already in the board. We have also added o'rings which will help to keep the shafts from turning loose on the darts.

Also sold under the name Top Spin and Cyclone.

Shaft Lengths (including thread)

  • Mini. 3/4 inch 1.8 cm
  • Ex-Short. 1 1/4 inch 3 cm
  • Short. 1 1/2 inch 3.7 cm
  • Inbetween. 1 3/4 icnh 4.5 cm
  • Medium. 2 inch 5cm
  • Long 2 1/2 icnh 6.3 cm
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