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PREDATOR 20 gram Soft Tip Darts - Knurled 80% Tungsten - Convertible - Steel/Soft Tip Darts RD4-20

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PREDATOR 20 Gram Soft Tip Darts

Knurled Grip

  • Barrels - 80% Tungsten Barrels with Knurled Grip
  • Length Length 1 1/2 inch (38 mm), Diameter 1/4 inch (6.5 mm)
  • Fitted with hard wearing aluminum shafts, standard 100 micron flights, dart case, and O'rings
  • Compare To:  Hammerheads $60+, Target Darts $55

80% Tungsten, Knurled Soft Tip Darts.

These darts are manufactured from 80% tungsten alloy which means a slimmer dart than other lower content barrels. A slimmer barrel means that you can stack the darts closer together on the board and increase your scoring potential. The barrels feature a knurled grip. These will give you positive "Finger Feel' to prevent the dart from slipping as it is released from the fingers. The design also helps you to achieve consistent finger placement on the darts.

The darts accept 2BA (3/16th inch) tips and shafts which are the most popular and easy to find. The darts are fitted with aluminum shafts and Ex-Tough flights (which may vary) and there is a small pencil dart case. We also include O'rings to lock the shafts to the barrels and add an extra 20 tips and conversion points. You can use these darts on both electronic boards and traditional bristle boards by simply switching the the plastic tips for metal conversion points. Its almost like getting two sets of darts for the price of one.