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3 Sets (9 shafts) Hurricane Bubble 2BA, CLEAR MEDIUM Dart Shafts

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3 Set (9 Shafts) Hurricane Bubble Dart Shafts 


These Hurrican Bubble shafts will fit all 2BA (3/16th inch) inch diameter darts. This is the smaller thread which is found on most darts. These are the choice of most professionals, the flight on an incoming dart will fall away from the shaft if it hits a dart which is already in the board. This will reduce deflections and increase scoring averages.

Shaft Lengths (including thread)

  • Mini. 3/4 inch 1.8 cm
  • Ex-Short. 1 1/4 inch 3 cm
  • Short. 1 1/2 inch 3.7 cm
  • Inbetween. 1 3/4 icnh 4.5 cm
  • Medium. 2 inch 5cm
  • Long 2 1/2 icnh 6.3 cm
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