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  • BALANCEPOINT 18 gram Soft Tip Darts - MODEL 180

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    BALANCEPOINT 18 gram Model 180


    • Barrels - 90% Tungsten Barrels with Ringed Grip, Ridged Rear Grip
    • Fitted with hard wearing aluminum shafts, standard 100 micron flights, and dart case
    • Also includes 100 micron slim flights, and nylon shafts
    • Compare To: Target Darts at $120, Hammerheads $80+

    The Balancepoint Soft Tip darts are probably the best balanced dart that we have ever thrown. Are these darts worth $70? If you win more games they are!

    The barrels are machined from premium grade 90% Tungsten material, with a higher standard of machining and engineering than is standard practice in the dart industry. Packaged in a hard wearing Tri-Fold dart case. Included are 100 micron standard flights, 100 micron slim flights, aluminum shafts and nylon shafts.

    The balance is achieved by using two different barrel diameters, in the front 9/32 or 7.1mm diameter and in the rear a 1/4 or 6.35mm diameter, and 1.600" or 40.64mm long barrel. This will give the thrower an a amazing feel for your thumb to locate, and helps shifts the weight forward, approximately 1 gram.

    Designed and manufactured by the same craftsman who invented the Vector Dart (TM) these darts are probably the best balanced dart that we have ever thrown. When a soft tip dart is manufactured about 2 grams of Tungsten Alloy are lost from the front of the dart. To manufacture a front loaded dart this is balanced by a smaller weight loss at the back. However most professional players prefer a front loaded dart because they are easier to throw. These BalancePoint darts overcome the weight loss problem. There is a patent pending on this design. This means superb balance and deadly accuracy when you throw them. The balance of the dart to the front which in turn makes them more stable as they fly towards the board. If you are serious about owning the best balanced darts in the world you must buy these darts. The grip gives enough positive finger feel for you to confidently grip the darts and prevent them from slipping on release.